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Our variety of lawn treatment programs will help make the outside of your home or business as enjoyable and inviting as the inside.

We offer a variety of weed control services, lawn care services, and lawn weed control.

Lawn weed control .

Is your piece of oklahoma healthy? Let us help.
Helping you keep your piece of oklahoma healthy and beautiful

Yardbirds does more than simply get rid of weeds and fertilize grass. We feel that our most important task is caring for the people and environment of our state.  All of our treatment programs are tailored specifically to fit the needs of central Oklahoma landscapes, and are implemented in a responsible manner that is safe and beneficial to you and our natural surroundings.  

Our team of well-rounded lawn and landscape care specialists are dedicated to providing quality services that fit our philosophy of working with nature, rather than against it.


At Yardbirds, we treat what we do as a service not only to the individual customer, but to all of Oklahoma.

Flowers are nature's paint; don't let weeds cover them up.  Our pre- and post-emergent treatments for weeds and grasses will keep your landscaping in top form.

We have special programs and treatments for specific problem weeds such as grassburs, nutsedge, and dallisgrass.

Left unchecked, common lawn pests can have a detrimental effect on turf health, and in the case of fleas and ticks, your health too. 

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More Than just Healthy Lawns

Lawn Weed Control